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Friends of the PJC

We have decided to suspend the Friends scheme for the year 2007 as there has been some uncertaintity regarding the venue and the number of concerts. However, if we continue to have good audiences during this year, the Committee will re-consider this decision at the end of this year.

Starting January 2006 the Patrons and Membership schemes is replaced with a new way to support the club: Friends of PJC.

By creating Friends of PJC, we aim to reward our regulars and in turn provide the means for them to show their support of the club. The current Patrons & Membership scheme ends on 31.12.05 and is replaced by Friends of PJC at the surprisingly low cost of £15 per year per person.

Becoming a Friend of the PJC provides the Club with vital funds to give you a varied and interesting programme of concerts, and membership also makes a great present!

Advantages of being a Friend of PJC

  1. £2.00 ticket reduction to all concerts
  2. 'Jazz UK' magazine reserved for you at the door
  3. Free mailing of each season's programme
  4. Dedication on the Friend's website page

    Annual Subscription to Friends of PJC - 2006

    £15 per person

    Please make cheques payable to 'Peterborough Jazz Club' and send to:

Joe Dobson
Peterborough Jazz Club Treasurer
101 Glinton Road
Peterborough PE6 7DG
Hearing live jazz is a unique experience, so why not come and sample the pleasures of the Peterborough Jazz Club