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Photo Gallery

All of the musicians featured in our gallery have appeared at the Club. You can find the date by visiting our Previous Concerts page.

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Alan Barnes

Art Farmer

Art Theman


Charlie Byrd

Dick Pearce & Mornington Lockett


Frank Harrison

Gilad Atzmon

Harry Allen

King Salsa

Larry Adler


Laurie Jacobs

Laurie and Ronnie Scott

Martin Drew

Matt Wates

Nick Hill


Peter King

Ricky Woodard

Ronnie Scott

Scott Hamilton

Bob Kindred


Ken Peplowski

Dave Cliff

Dave Newton

Gene Harris

Ingrid Jenson


Jim Mullen

Joe Temperley

John Critchinson

Just East of Jazz

Stacey Kent


Hearing live jazz is a unique experience, so why not come and sample the pleasures of the Peterborough Jazz Club